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Friday, May 16, 2008

Looking At The Moon Up Close

The other night I got to go to a big telescope with my favorite person and look at the moon really really up close. You feel awesome yet insignificant when you're looking at a canyon the size of the city you're standing in* on a ball of rock that's about 30 babillion miles away from you. It was incredible how much detail you could make out on the surface! If you squinted really hard you could almost make out Oprah's Secret Moon Castle**.

Also, Saturn looks like a sticker of Saturn.

We're writing the Whitest Kids' third season right now, and I'm pretty excited! We're preparing tons of fun stuff, but unfortunately it looks like I will once again fail my grandmother in making a show that's okay for her to watch.

*Los Angeles, for those of you pushing stick pins into your patented "Timmy's Travels" map.

**I bet you didn't even know about that, did you?

***There is no need for this third footnote. It is a dirty and unwanted orphan.