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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My Dad and I just had a long discussion about politics. This has been hard in the past, since he's more of a Republican and I'm more Liberal, but things are easier now since we've both joined the We're All Fucked Party.

The coolest-looking stray dog is roaming our neighborhood today. I want to start a band with him, but he probably already has one.

There's a movie theater here in Portland that shows "LOST" for free every Tuesday. And they have beer and pizza. And they have couches.

Oh, and it appears that magic is real.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Clucking Awesome!

So my wife Kristin and I have four chickens. Their names are Trevor, Zach, Darren and Sam, after the other Whitest Kids/dumbest names we could think of. They're still very young but starting to get really big and today I was lifting one and it clucked! So I guess that means we're doing a good job at keeping them from dying.

Chickens are hilarious. They have this air about them that they seem to think they're way more important than anything else ever. They'll puff their chest out and act all indignant if you try to pick them up or change their water, and then they'll do something stupid like walk on another chicken's head or take a dump on it's own feathers. So basically, chickens are arrogant retarded assholes, but we love them because they have pretty feathers.