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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hawwy Bwown

So I saw that movie Harry Brown the other night. The title of this post refers to how Michael Caine pronounces it. I don't know if it's his Cockney accent or that fact that he's nine thousand years old, but he kinda sounds like a baby. He also acts like a baby in several scenes of this revenge thriller, but then he'll pick up a gun and lecture the drug dealer who was freebasing out of his own gun about gun usage. Lots of gun talk. It's good to see old guys shooting people with too many tattoos though.

I liked this movie but it was kind of a Tea Party Wet Dream Action Movie. It's about taking the law into your own hands, but rather than having their character deal with the moral consequences of doing so, like Taxi Driver or Paul Kersey, in this movie taking the law into your own hands just solves your problems. Because criminals of any kind should just be hunted down and shot.

This is one of those movies where they justify the main character's murder spree by making the villain cartoonishly bad, like riding around on motorcycles and shooting at babies. It reminded me of that scene in Rambo IV where they've already shown the bad guys slaughtering innocent people but then the main bad guy rapes a little boy. Just for good measure.

Maybe there's some sort of scale in movies like this, where the actions of the baddie have to equal out how obliterated his corpse will be when the hero is done with them.

All in all, I liked it, and Michael Caine is a great actor, but it is a little spooky how it seems to say we should kill criminals with no repercussions. Maybe if he had a skull painted on his shirt I'd be okay with it.