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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My finger is on the PULSE

Here is a list of the major things that have happened today:

-Alito confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

-Coretta Scott King passed away

-State of the Union Address

-Oscar nominees announced

Here is what I have discussed on my blog so far today:

-Accused actor who played Chewbacca of wanting to rape kids

-Posted adorable puppy picture (didn't really discuss much)

This new blog is off to a GREAT start.

Keeping the promise I made in my first post

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Have you ever seen the guy who was in the Chewbacca costume?

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Notice that he's wearing a Chewbacca shirt. I saw a documentary* recently where he was wearing a Chewbacca leather duster AND a Chewbacca top hat!

From the looks of things, it's probably a good thing that costume didn't have a kid-raping hole in it.

*it was, in fact, a "Star Wars" documentary. He's obviously all about Chewbacca, so I don't think he'd really be involved in documentaries on other subjects.

Monday, January 30, 2006


I wish I could move stuff with my mind. The word for that ability is "telekinesis," which brings up an interesting point: why would someone spend time making a very technical-sounding term for something that is not real? The guy that invented that word probably invented the words "necromancy" and "battlemech" too. I bet he also invented Dungeons and Dragons and comic books with naked breasts in them (kudos for that last one, man).

But anways, I wish I had telekinetic powers. And believe me, I know that I don't yet because I try it out every morning (unless a bag of lollipops is simply too heavy for my feeble untrained mind). And then there's telepathy, which is the ability to read people's thoughts, but who cares about that? Seriously, what's better: the ability to read someone's mind? Or the ability to crush their mind with a boulder? FROM THE MOON? Yeah, I thought so.


Hi there! My name is Timmy! Girls should talk to me but they don't. I am in a comedy troupe called the Whitest Kids U' Know and have eaten more beef patties than I probably should have (I try not to eat them anymore). Anyways, I have decided to start a blog. It's probably not going to be very good. I do promise to put up pictures of adorable baby animals though.

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Does anyone else think his eyes betray a centuries-old sadness? It's kind of creeping me out.

So anyways, check back soon for new postings. I hope the next one is above a 4th-grade reading level (I'll be just as surprised as you if it is, though).