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Monday, January 30, 2006


I wish I could move stuff with my mind. The word for that ability is "telekinesis," which brings up an interesting point: why would someone spend time making a very technical-sounding term for something that is not real? The guy that invented that word probably invented the words "necromancy" and "battlemech" too. I bet he also invented Dungeons and Dragons and comic books with naked breasts in them (kudos for that last one, man).

But anways, I wish I had telekinetic powers. And believe me, I know that I don't yet because I try it out every morning (unless a bag of lollipops is simply too heavy for my feeble untrained mind). And then there's telepathy, which is the ability to read people's thoughts, but who cares about that? Seriously, what's better: the ability to read someone's mind? Or the ability to crush their mind with a boulder? FROM THE MOON? Yeah, I thought so.

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