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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I tried to come up with a title that didn't reference the fact that I don't write on here very much but I couldn't think of anything else

So I spent half of April out of state. I was in Los Angeles, and then I went to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod: Calm, quiet, relaxing, beautiful, and Sam's mom is an awesome cook.

Los Angeles: Hell with cars.

And I'm also back in an office now! Only now it's not boring! And instead of telling people what to do, I get to write poop jokes!!!

Also, fellow Whitest Kids Sam and Darren want me to add some comments on their behalf (behalves?):

Sam: "Write that you realized recently that I'm your best friend, but not that you're mine, just that I'm yours."

Darren: "Tell them (he must think that people read this) about how when we played putt-putt this weekend, you were ahead the whole game but then I came from behind and won right at the end."

I guess I always could go back to telling people what to do...

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Anonymous said...

You have blogs, Timmy? Also, yeah...convertibles - EWWWWW. I hate superficial people that only care about money, and materialistic thingies. Consider yourself lucky that you got to drive around in an inconspicuos car. Blue tends to attract less attention than say convertibles and really big cars called Hummers.

Also, you put a fucking dent on the back of my new car, asshole. I expect you to pay in full with toe rings made of real diamonds.