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Friday, March 07, 2008

Who What Huh?

Lately, everyone I know has been doing one of two things: getting really sick or appearing on "The Tyra Banks Show." Adam Newman did both!

One of the cooler things I got for swag from the Independent Spirit Awards arrived yesterday: a year-long movie pass! I can get into any AMC theater for free til the end of the year! Awesome! Too bad when I went to go try it out there was nothing but CRAP. Oh well. Maybe I'll go check out that caveman movie that came out today; it looks really historically accurate and informative.

I know cats like to play with their prey, but Spaceship really tortured this mouse the other day before she dealt it the death blow. It was pretty crazy. I wouldn't have been surprised to see her pull out a little tiny rack or iron maiden. Wouldn't that be adorable?

"Lost" is getting really bizarre and awesome. I'm not even sure how they write it anymore. Maybe they don't write it. Maybe it's all improv now. Wouldn't that be adorable awesome?

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