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Monday, November 05, 2007

This weekend I...

1. Dressed like a krump clown for a video. I look good in that style, maybe I should keep it up. If I do that, though, I should probably figure out what "hyphy" is.

2. Fell in love with Iron Maiden all over again.

3. Fell in love with giant bottles of scotch all over again.

4. Received a high five from Sam while he was running in the NYC Marathon! So proud of my boy!

5. Said horribly filthy things in front of Sam's mom during a stand-up show.

6. Finally got my tattoo designed! I think I'm getting it this week! Pain!

7. Got the apartment all to myself after two and a half months of having my brother stay with me! He was lovely but you know what's even more lovely? NOT WEARING PANTS EVER.

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