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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Whitest Kids U' Know Vs. Fire

Well, the WKUK are convening in Los Angeles tomorrow to take some pictures for Season 2. Apparently it's a really great time of the year to go there since it's, y'know, ON FIRE.

Zach and Trevor have been out there for a while so it'll be good to see them again. I just hope we're not just stopping, dropping and rolling the whole time.

I saw "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" in the theater the other day. If you live anywhere near where this is playing, GO SEE IT. It's awesome on the big screen.

I also saw "30 Days of Night." If you live anywhere near where this is playing, don't go see it. The vampires are cool and there's some good gore, but it's really boring. Go read the comic instead.

I also bought Ween's new album "La Cucaracha." If you live anywhere near where this is being sold (i.e. the internet), go buy it. It's awesome. The song "With My Own Bare Hands" contains one of my favorite lyrics of all time: "She's gonna be my cock professor, studyin' my dick!"

It's really good.

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J.marc said...

I'm not anywhere near a theater that plays Blade Runner TFC, but I hear it's coming on DVD very soon, hopefully this Xmas. I'll scoop that up, good call on it.
If you have a decent computer check out the new Orange Box release. Team Fortress 2 is great, Portal is hilarious, fun and short, and Half-Life:Episode 2 is a solid add-on to the Half Life 2 series. But if you hate all that shit at least check out Portal. You have no reason to trust me, but I'm telling you, it's rad.

(Oh yeah, love your shit on TWKUK, rock on man.)