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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Laws Angulees

So I'm in L.A. for work stuff for a while. It blows being away from the wife, the aminals, and the Portland in general. We are getting some good work done down here though. I don't mean "good work" like building homes for sick kids or anything, we're just writing. I'm just saying that I think we're writing good things.

I've tested out almost every major cities' public transit system, and I think L.A. takes the cake for the worst. The buses run slow and I never know if I'm taking one in the right direction or not! In a city this huge you'd think the problem would be having enough transit for the people here; it's not even that, it's just that the system is lazy and confusing for no reason! Kind of like the city it's in! Actually, you know what? Lots of transit systems seem to reflect their cities:

New York - fast-paced, packed, awesome when you're drinking
Portland - Efficient, ecologically sound and full of chilled-out weirdoes
D.C. - Well-organized, too clean and asleep before midnight
Chicago - Feels cool and old-timey, was in "The Fugitive"
Orlando - Sticky.

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