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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Season 2 - Phew!

Well, Season 2 is more or less shot. We shot more sketches than Season 1 in a shorter amount of time than Season 1 and it felt waaaaay longer than Season 1. I don't know how that all works out mathematically. I suck at math, that's why I do poop jokes and wear bras for a living.

I can't wait for this to get on TV though. We at Whitest Kids Business Company International Conglomerate are all very excited. I think our consensus is that it's funnier than Season 1, so let's see what everyone else thinks. February seems very far away but I'm sure it'll come up before I know it.

Anyways, I'll get back to doing standup, playing video games, and writing about my cat now.


Why did I write my name there? Everyone reading this knows who wrote it, and my name's like, RIGHT THERE on the left.

But why should I care about what I think about writing my name? I had a long day and a long glass of Scotch. I can write my name wherever I want to! FUCK Timmy.


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Meg said...

I bonded with a boy in my one of my classes today over our favorite WKUK sketches. Then my roommate walked up and joined in and it was about the only good thing to happen today. Reading over that, it sounds like I'm strangely alluding to a threesome or something but I swear I'm not; it was just a great convo.
Anyway, excited for season 2!!