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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Standup This Week!

Hey kids, now that I'm done shooting Season 2 I get to go do standup again!

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm performing at the Stillborn in America Tour kick-off show! it's a comedy tour featuring my pals Sean O'Connor, Jonah Ray, Andrew Wright and Nick Maritato, and Sam and I (among others) are going to help send them off! It's at 10pm at Pianos, and costs eight bucks, but show up at 8 for the free Scum and Villainy show, and it'll be like getting two four-dollar shows! Good deal, right?

Stillborn in America
Sunday, September 30
158 Ludlow

Then on Wednesday it's Kingdom of Heaven time! The Comedian of Merit is Dave Hill!

Then on Thursday I'm doing the Tommy Danger show hosted by Sean Patton (winner of Best New Timmy Friend of 2007)! That's at Kabin! Address up soon, okay!

Come out to these shows children!

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