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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Season 2 - Week 4

Today we shot a sketch that I've been waiting to shoot for months. It's brand new and is one of the craziest things we've ever done. I know I'm not supposed to spoil anything, but I can't help it. The sketch we shot today is about LSDIFNYAELVUBRYASEVHTBLSAEKUTHLNSVKH and involves NTALSKUHTRLASKJEHNALSKJEHR for 45 minutes BLVASKUERHBLASERHLSIYB4NV

Whoah. Sorry. My keyboard malfunctioned for a second. What was I talking about? Was it this?

Thanks for the video, Kate!


Jackson Tomlinson said...

she's a human?

naydi said...

SHEEEEEE's not well right now????? that has Got to be fake... i mean, c'MON!!! why would you - in public and everything??? Lord God Almighty, I hope that's not real... if it is, girlfriend has got some serious ISH.UES.

nothing short of a nice haldol, thorazine, seroquel & risperdal cocktail's gonna fix that