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Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm back from Aspen

So I just got back from the Aspen Comedy Festival. It was really really fun, but I'm glad to be back in my horrible office and away from all that free food and constant pampering. Some things I enjoyed from the Festival:

-Shaking Robert Wuhl's hand (shake was firmer than expected)

-This dude who walked around Aspen all the time with his well-trained, well-groomed Pomeranian. It was a very nice dog but the dude was kind of a pompous jackass. If he didn't have that dog he would just be another guy that bleaches his goatee and wants to be a pro wrestler. Also, the dog's butt-hole looked suspiciously loose. Like "some guy who probably drinks Mountain Dew a lot had his fist in there recently" loose.

-Free food and drinks

-Chelsea Peretti constantly flaunting her "complimentary fruit and wine basket" that she found in her hotel room upon her arrival (I was staying at the same place and didn't get one)

-Pooping in her jacuzzi for revenge

-Finding out the next day that the fruit basket came from her mother, not the hotel

-Not feeling bad about the poop thing after that revelation

-Getting thrown offstage during a fight scene in one of our sketches while Trevor attempted to break Bob Power's ribs with a body slam (didn't work, Mr. Powers is saltier than expected)


-Watching the Absurdist/Dadaist political commentary "Aeon Flux" on the flight home

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