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Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Inside Man"

So I'm about to go to a free screening of this movie "Inside Man." It's a new movie by Spike Lee. He's that guy who really hates white people but still wants them to go see his movies. This one is about a bank heist which is pretty unusual for Mr. Lee. It looks like it doesn't cover any of his normal topics, like race, social injustice, or anything "controversial." It looks like a normal bank robber movie. Some people are wondering why he would make a movie so far away from his normal style, and not discuss any of these topics he normally LOVES to whine about to no end.

I know why.

This movie looks like it will probably make a good amount of money; it has Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington in it, and looks like a competent thriller. It almost looks like he's making it JUST to make money. But why would someone as successful as Spike Lee, who's always made movies his way, want to make some "sell-out" movie?

Well, after this, he plans to make a documentary accusing President Bush of blowing up the levees in New Orleans to murder black people. Yes. That's right. He plans to make a documentary accusing President Bush of blowing up the levees in New Orleans to murder black people. Now, like a lot of people, I'm not really "down" with President Bush, but that's pretty much the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

So anyways, Spike Lee made this bank heist movie so that he has money to move to Canada with after he releases this crazy documentary and Bush arranges for him to have a little "accident."

So that's my theory. It will be entertaining to watch this movie with that in mind. Also, it's showing at some sort of French embassy and there's free wine. Maybe he's trying to liquor me up and then convince me that white people also invented lions because they kill black people too. I don't know.


Parton Words said...

Surely there's more to his upcoming movie than that ? I'll watch out with interest.

Anonymous said...

You're the quintessential average white amerikkkan douche bag. How about you at the very least read the synopsis of the doc. before you play your role of judge and jury. Not to mention Inside Man wasn't written by Lee(i.e. She Hate Me, Summer of Same, 25th Hour, etc.). It was an adaptation from a book, and he still slides in his social commentary during the film. Do a bit of your homework before you rant on your worthless blog about your white guilt. Enjoy your bigotry, timmy