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Monday, April 02, 2007


Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I could do to get thrown into Russian prison (the Gulag). Any suggestions?

At Subway today some dude was having an argument with his co-worker over their annoying Nextel walkie-talkie things. Having a guy standing next to you screaming over a phone about what kind of bread to get his Subway Club on is bad enough, but throw in the "buh-beep!" sound every three seconds and it's poke-your-eyes-out-tastic!

I fell off the wagon* again recently. It's happened so many times now that I actually have a spot shaped just like me on the road, and I fit right in there!

There is a strong possibility that I will get to touch Sean Connery this evening.

I bought jeans at a dollar store today. That's right kids! Work real hard for years, get yourself on television, and soon, you too could be purchasing irregular Lee's while listening to "New York's NEW Soft Music Station" being pumped into the store at maximum volume! Yeah!

I have a dress form in my house right now. I found it in my hallway. For those who don't know, a dress form is a headless mannequin torso on a stick, and anyone who has one in their house that doesn't sew (me), is a total creep. I'm just keeping it here until my friend that sews comes and picks it up (doesn't mean I'm not a creep though).

Today my "to-do" list included wrapping a present, buying cheap clothes, doing laundry, downloading some Aerosmith (for karaoke purposes only), telling someone not to "jeopardize Sean Connery for a girl" and drinking some vanilla milk.

Things are going really well so far (the milk is delicious and "Love in an Elevator" is 90% complete).

*The smoking wagon. Sorry, Mom.


Anonymous said...

Don't apologize to me I' m not your lungs!! Go see the Bio set lady or get a patch or something you doofuss! Mom

Wanna_be_ninja said...

lol Is that Seriously your mom? Nice blog though. And for the russian Prison thing?

Attempt (but fail) to Kill the Russian President of whatever the heck the head of goverment is there. I dunno. They probably force feed you bachlava (sp?) and Crap there lol

Anonymous said...


I never knew you sang. :)