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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stone Phillips' Purple Skirt and LIES

Okay. So, tonight the Whitest Kids went to this fashion show called Dressed to Kilt. It was a Scottish-themed show that benefits a few charities, and there were lots of guys modeling kilts and hot ladies modeling kilts and generally lots and lots of kilts in attendance. Our publicist got us tickets to the event because it gave us the chance to go through a press line and get our picture taken a whole bunch and talk to some news shows. To convince us to go, we were told that Sean Connery (father to Indiana Jones) would be there.

This was a goddamn lie.

I'm not saying I didn't have a good time. There was tons of free good scotch there, and I got to see Donald Trump, Michael Strahan, Billy Boyd (a hobbit) and some other people. Also, Donald's daughter Ivanka Trump was there, and she was modeling some tartan kilt/dress thing, and she's totally smoking hot. I never thought she was before, but in person, it's ridiculous. And oh yeah, Stone Phillips was there, and he modeled a purple kilt. That was just fucking surreal.

But NO SEAN CONNERY! None! Not even any pictures of him hanging up on the walls or anything! The worst part was, we didn't know that he wasn't coming until the end of the show, so when we were talking to the reporters we kept talking about how excited we were for Connery, and they probably all thought we were crazy! NO SEAN CONNERY!

I did get lots of free scotch and possibly tried haggis (not sure what was on that cracker) for the first time though, so that's pretty cool.

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Wanna_be_ninja said...

lol Sean Connery. Sean Connery in a kilt. My mind is still trying to grasp the thought of Sean Connery=kilt. And my only memory of Sean Connery is that SNL celebrity jeopardy skit... lol. haha You guys should have worn kilts. That would be...funny...but I can flip on TV at 10:00 every night and see full dresses and makeup so...yeah...