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Monday, June 25, 2007

Dust and Devo

I will discuss those two things in an order opposite from which they were listed.

DEVO is the best band ever. I have known this since high school but have been re-learning this in the past month or so. I will re-educate everyone about this tomorrow at karaoke. The best thing about them is that their best songs are really weird and not singles or anything and just kind of sit in the middle of an album. "Whip It," for example, is not that great when compared to "Time Out for Fun" and "When We Do It," but is probably the only song of theirs that even has a chance of being in Guitar Hero. Speaking of GH, I have seen lists of many (but not all) of the songs included in Guitar Hero 80s, GH 3, and Rock Band. We're all gonna die.

So dust, yeah? Well, this evening after the WKUK show several of us ended up on a roof in Midtown and sat in deck chairs that, now having seen my clothing in good lighting, were apparently covered in some kind of weird white dust. I look like a mummy that loves ironic t-shirts.

More later?


naydi said...

hummm...DEVO and Guitar Hero...??

i got nuthin'


naydi said...

how 'bout...

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you should get a flixster so we can chat!

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