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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Some times I actually develop an opinion on something. Here now are some of those very opinions:

I've done some thinking, and this "Paris in jail" thing is NOT the most awesome thing that has ever happened. It sucks. You know why? Because she's on the front page EVERY DAY. She may be detained some where right now, which is funny, but she is still doing exactly what she did before: getting her precious attention from us while distracting the world from real problems with her whiny bullshit adventures.

Then again, the things we're being distracted from aren't exactly things I would pay attention to anyways. Why did this election start already? I'm burnt out on it and the election is still eighteen months away! I seriously do not care, and normally it takes me right up to Election Day to stop caring. I'm probably just going to write-in "The Highlander" like I do every year.

And why aren't the food and water systems on the space station working? Fox has the technology to track down and fire a guy that gave "Fantastic Four" a bad early review (didn't do squat to the guy that liked it) but we can't make sure the astronauts aren't thirsty? Priorities, folks!

They should have special mandatory sidewalks set aside for people over the age of 60.

I would be a great writer for "High Times." I hope you don't need a degree.

More hot women need to come to the Kingdom of Heaven show.

I'm done now.


bagel of everything said...

Silly boy, there /is/ a special sidewalk for the elderly. Its right in the middle, between the yellow lines.

naydi said...

Hey, the sun's up! Glad I didn't go falling asleep or anything or I might have missed it. Probably should have fed before now.

nursing...overnight...only three nights a week...that shouldn't be so bad...

FUCK you people

Great blog, Timmy! A source of related comedy before the 'Kids second season? T'was a nice random surprise to stumble upon. 'specially considering that Trevor doesn't seem to be doing shit with his blogs.(also found via a random Google) ';-/ To make matters worse (having clicked the link on your page) I'd like to know just where the fuck we're supposed to be getting our Liev Schreiber scoop while he fools and farts around??!!!!??

I'm sorry

That was harsh

I'd meant to say 'poop'

Anyway, hope you keep the blog page going while you still have some free time for such things...

Congrats on the show (again)!


naydi said...

Oh!!!! And: least Little Kim and Foxy Brown can now feel victorious in the truth that, at times, in those moments when it's least expected, there can be some form of justice and balance in this universe given forth to comfort criminal hos everywhere...

as-salāmu `alaykum, my sisters
as-salāmu `alaykum

naydi said...

Just because I like my thoughts to be complete no matter where they are and not because I happen to think that you'd likely give half a damn:

It's 5:29 and I just woke up 10 minutes ago... Bring on the third NOT WORKING sleepless night in a row! At least it's not cloudy and/or dark already...

Tuesday night I'll get to be reminded of just why the hell I've gone and done this to myself.

Maybe the result's of PK's neuro consult (<-- little RN victories) will be in and a treatment plan will be in place for his new onset peripheral neuropathy? That'd tide me over for a bit until I'm able to whip my own neural centers (sleep related, of course) into doing my bidding...


left the typing for a minute to roll the video in today's WKUK post

So if you're related, that makes skin on skin guitar hugging only mildly gay? coo...

Actually, that was pretty damn impressive.

Have a great show tonight; I'm hoping to come see one some day soon!

For now, off to prepare to head out into the Boston air...


still a rad ninja said...

wow. That was REALLY yeah.