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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

These are a few of my new favorite things

Here is a list of things that have awesomed up my life lately:

1. Carrots.

2. Nutella.

3. The wherewithal not to mix them together.

4. Listening to Anthrax constantly.

5. Listening to the Beach Boys whenever I'm not doing #4.

6. UNO!

7. Putting together Season 2. Y'all are in for some F'd-up S.

8. Meeting people from South Dakota. I've been here six years, and NOW they all start coming out of the woodwork!

9. My reinvigorated stand-up comedy. I'm still doing the same stuff I did before, but I have a new-found zest for it. Maybe it's all those carrots.

10. Whitest Kids fans are some of the sickest, ass-kicking motherfuckers around. Awesome every one!

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The raddist Ninja like...Ever...Im serious...yeah said...

wow. 10 made me happy. Im so fricking happy now. and cant wait for the next season...