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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Focus Hocus Pocus and Other Psychedelia

Trevor and I got into this 70s Dutch progressive pscyhedelic band Focus. They're the best. Listen to my profile song and think about opening a door between time and space and your consciousness while you listen to it. Or snacks. Either way will work. I think we're slowly becoming hippies. Trevor stopped wearing shoes, I have a stack of High Times in my bathroom, and now we're listening to trippy yodel-rock, which is totally outside of our normal likes (silly rap for him and silly metal for me).

Speaking of silly rap, karaoke finally got "This Is Why I'm Hot!" I'm going to sing it EVERY SINGLE WEEK until someone takes it out of the songbook.

I had a great dream last night. I was at this party with Jordan and Sam and we had a baby polar bear with us! It was adorable! Turns out we brought it to catch mice. I don't think polar bears have ever really seen mice, but this little guy was really excited about it! He wasn't very good though, so then we had to go get Old Faithful, Spaceship. She killed the shit outta those mice and then we had to leave.

Then I woke up and looked over and saw Spacehip licking her butthole. What a great first thing to see in the morning.

My cat's gross.


Rob said...

Timmie, Rob Gordon from What Are Records? here. I bought Moving Waves in the early 70's after hearing Hocus Pocus on the radio. It sounds dated now, but is still a great album (all the tracks). I had to search for it online cause it is not for sale, but eventually got it onto my iTunes.

naydi said...

Did my ears deceive me or did f'n Popeye show up in the middle of that song!!!????!?! I have to replay this now; may have to go castle-storming later.

mice are cute. cats are cuter and don't eat their own babies. cats should be loved more...

TJ said...

What are other good songs by this band besides Hocus Pocus & Sylvia?