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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Two Things Real Quick

Tonight, Darren and I went to see "Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation." In 1982, a bunch of 12-year-olds were so jazzed by Indiana Jones' first movie that they reshot the whole thing themselves, shot for shot, with no budget! And it took seven years! And they have fire and stunts and costumes and everything! It's like an awesome love letter to an awesome movie, and the work and dedication that go into their remake is pretty much the most amazing and inspiring thing I have seen in a long time. You should definitely check this out if it plays anywhere near you (it's at the Anthology Film Archives here in NYC).

Also, on the Wikipedia entry for the Whitest Kids, this little tidbit can now be found in the history section: "Timmy recently announced that in December 2007 he will be receiving extensive plastic surgery on his belly and buttocks."

It's not true, but I'm going to leave it up there anyways.


naydi said...

HA! Good to know, Timmy... too bad to see that Trevor and Zoe managed to break up so quickly... [eye roll]
(had to delete that one twice over two weeks to get it to stick)

As a health side note, trying to quit smoking -and-(damn the lack of italics) lose weight at the same time: MAN that's masochistic!!!!!! Good for you for lasting so long. I, myself, quit for the second time on 3/16/04. Last week, I finally reached the decision that, yes, despite cancer's ability to create collateral circulation for itself while the rest of the body suffers the ill effects of smoking-related vasoconstriction; I will be starting again come any news of terminal illness. For Karen, my partner nurse the last few shifts, it'll be her 85th birthday. Should my alternate plan (living to 101) seem to be coming together instead, I'll be adopting hers by default. Either way; Just a great plan. We're both quite proud. Heroin really would have been easier to let go.

Hey, managed to get banned from the Whitest Board U Know today!!!!


That's the bad thing about just any pasty, barely literate idiot creating and controlling a fan page. My sin: Not behaving like I've got an adult IQ of 70 and, further, not apologizing for it... !!FUCK!! How many times does a bitch need to be reminded to work on that shit?????? That really is just the type of thing that got the powerful fuckhead contingent staunchly behind Bush. And so, here I've gone and, again, contributed to the downfall of western society. Lord, I suck...

juliana said...

um excuse me naydi. i made that page.

you didnt follow the rules. so we banned you.
i wouldnt have banned you.. but alines more strict.

*sigh* whatever.

timmy, somebody took down the thing about lyposuction on wiki.
i tried to find it ahah.

naydi said...

didn't see the response above...


good for you.

this was actually a case of a show of power by an otherwise impotent idiot who i'm SURE was brave enough to carry on talking shit about me after having placed me into a position of not being able to respond... as much shit as you yourself spoke when i COULD still read it, chosing not to bother arguing with a kid...

there were no rules broken

the whole situation was a plea for worship packaged in an argument comprised of pure nonsensical bullshit

for some, children are the only beings non-threatening enough for them to deal with

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