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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Six Flags!

Today I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey! I'd never been before! It was AWWWEEEESSSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!! We rode seven roller coasters and they were all fun! We also went to the most confusedly-run taco restaurant in America! It's a surprise we were even fed!

Look at some pictures under my MySpace!

I also registered a few firsts on this trip:

1. First time on a steel coaster.
2. First time on one of those rides that dangle your feet.
3. First time not finding Wonder Woman attractive.

They have this amazing new coaster with a lame name: Kingda Ka. You get in and it goes from 0 to 124 miles an hour in about one second and then shoots you up a 44-story track and then immediately drops you straight back down. AMAZING. I thought I was gonna die. My first and favorite ride of the day, although honorable mention also can go to El Toro, Nitro, and the Batman Ride. Actually, all of the roller coasters were really awesome, but this Kingda Ka was the scariest and most shocking and therefore better. But anyways, me, Darren Bill Tom Melissa and Rachel had the best day ever! I'm getting a season pass next year. And yes, I will continue to wear the little blue shorts whenever I go to Jersey until somebody steals and then burns them.

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