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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 2 of Season 2 - Children, Blood and Pizza

Today Trevor and I were the only Whitest Kids on set because all the stuff we shot today featured little kids (we were both in a few things though). There are tons of kids in this season and most of those kids will probably never be allowed to watch the stuff they're in! Oops! Also there was a doggy and more blood!

You can look at a few pictures from set at our website.

On the subway ride home Trevor and I saw these two dudes carrying a big pizza box. WHAT NEIGHBORHOOD do these guys live in that is without its own pizza place? Is there actually a pizza-less neighborhood here? Or did they find a place so good that they will brave the subway to get this delicious pie despite the fact that it will probably be freezing cold by the time the MTA decides to move them to their destination?

Mysteries abound...


Anonymous said...

I still love you Timmy

naydi said...

started to post something earlier in the day re: my trying to work through your being ron jeremy'd out

....and the children

re-read the blog post, though, and realized that the two didn't necessarily go toGether...