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Friday, August 10, 2007

The End Times?

Seems like August is always a good time to give the world a little status check and see if this is in fact the year that we all bite it. Past Augusts have given us earthquakes, hurricanes and blackouts. Every August is basically a little Armageddon Test. This August is being a little frisky though: mine collapses, bridge collapses, and Brooklyn tornadoes? Really? That's a lot of weird stuff for ten days. This might be the year.

Also, it is currently only 59 degrees here in NYC. What? What's going on? Did someone lose the playbook on August weather?

This post really doesn't make much sense, I know; I just wanted to point out that all these weird incidents really freak me out and make me think the end is nigh. If it is, that I should probably clean my room.


naydi said...

ya' Damn Skippy!

well, maybe not really... but how, pray tell, could all of that not have made any sense?

was annoyingly chilly Friday night; our having received the fore of your already used cold front... got no freaky ass tornado storm remnants on Wednesday, though... not even a thunderclap... that was mighty kind

the environmental aspect of the anywhere but here list of places to live is at risk of getting all screwed up... if one of those hand/face-sized brown recluse monsters comes walking across my floor, i may just have to jump...

naydi said...

oop - i mispoke... THIS is the creature i was thinking of:

was going to link just the picture, but the blurb with it captures the perfect amount of terror...

""My new house is totally spider free (of what I know of), but my old house was riddled with huntsmans. I remember watching TV one night with my fiancee and a HUGE huntsman ran vertically across the wall beside us and right into the bathroom, my guts dropped out of my f-king anus. She made me go kill it, was sitting right in the middle of the shower. I had to enter the shower cage to get it, which meant for a hard escape if it started to breathe fire on me and gnoring my leg off.""

yeah.. that pretty much says it all

naydi said...
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