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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Season 2 - Day 5

Man, with the wrapping of each and every day I am getting more and more excited for Season 2. It's gonna be the balls!

Yesterday we shot one of our favorite live sketches which may be even better on TV and there were kids on set once again. So far we have lots of stuff with little kids which for some reason just makes everything seem more messed up. There was one kid who was like seven and kept calling me "Mr. Underwear." I think I'm gonna print business cards up to that effect.

Then all five of us went and saw "Superbad." Nothing could ever live up to the giant amount of hype this film has received. It's been lauded as the Second Coming of Laughs and it's gonna "change shit" and all that jazz.

I don't know about any of that, but it was really really funny and the best comedy I've seen in a long time. Worth every penny of your eleven dollars (when did that happen, by the way?).

There's so many good parts and funny lines that I can't really say which is my favorite, but that kid who plays McLovin is gonna be famous. He apparently won a contest to be in the movie and he knocks it out of the park. I thought I would hate that character because the previews made him look like that "nerdy gangsta" character that's in every fucking movie nowadays, but he was way more than that and totally funny throughout.

One thing I hated about it: people applauding lines they saw in the trailer. I mean, there was tons of laughing all the way through, but there was a marked rise in applause whenever something from the trailer happened. Good Lord, are we really there now? We're really just applauding for things we've seen or heard before? Should I start cheering every time I hear "stand clear of the closing doors please" on the subway? If I go to one more movie where this happens, I'm just gonna start watching Chinese bootlegs at home and say "fuck it" to the theater experience altogether.

On the way into the movie some kid recognized us as the Whitest Kids. She first noticed just me, and then she got more and more surprised as she slowly realized that we were all standing there.

I love how people are shocked and surprised when they find out we're actually all friends in real life. I think it kind of comes out in a lot of our stuff, but maybe not. Maybe they're surprised because we seem like such jerks when we "play ourselves" in sketches that they think we're like that all the time. Truth is, we ARE like that all the time, and the reason we hang out together is that no one else will hang out with us because we're so jerky!

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naydi said...

caught sight of the one closest to the ground first? how cute...

i've not seen that kind of cheering thing happening around my way, but i can imagine how annoying it'd be. you'd think a person'd be LESS apt to get all loudly excited over a piece of film that's already been shoved down their throat umpteen times a day. what Is the point, really? a weak ass attempt at bonding and fellowship grounded solely in "Fuck man - I, like, tOtally watch commercials, TOO!!!"? how weird...