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Monday, January 15, 2007

Back in the Internet Cafe

Yeah, I'm still a caveman, the Internet guys are supposed to come on Wednesday. Anyways, the brief L.A. trip was ridiculous! I saw Queen Latifah! And "Hurley" from "Lost" (sorry I don't know your real name dude)! And many more mildly exciting celebrities! We had a fun show at the UCB-LA, and that night Trevor and Sam and I raided our minibars and got really really drunk. We found ourselves standing on a bridge (this hotel was so nice it had a bridge) and considered jumping into the pool, but I knew we were really wasted when we started discussing making Star Wars Episode 8, only as a computer, not a movie (and yes, we know there's no episode 7; the plan was to make that computer later, just like George Lucas did). I don't really know what that means. I'm sorry. They had free Glenlivet.

Oh, and fellow Whitest Kid Zach twisted or sprained or somehow otherwise fucked up his ankle and had to limp through our show. We haven't had an injury-free show in a while; two years ago, I was getting cuts and bruises quite often, but now the other guys seem to be getting the brunt of the punishment.

One last boring L.A. story. We had to rent a car to get around since that damn city has never heard of "public transportation," and we had one of those talking GPS computers. We named it Chewie. The last night we were there, I was the designated driver, but this GPS thing was acting totally drunk! It used little arrows on a screen to point me in the right direction, but once the arrow was a circle! And another time it folded back onto itself! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?!? You have failed us Chewie.

Lastly, I tasted the best hamburger in the world yesterday. I got it from...ME. Apparently, I can make a really sweet burger. That now makes two delicious meaty dishes I can make very well (the other one's chili).

Maybe Chewie could help me find some more things I can cook, because she (the voice was female) is shit with directions.

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