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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Backwards Land

So now that I've spent a few weeks in my apartment, I've noticed a few weirdnesses about it. Many of them have to do with things being backwards. I'm scared.

To turn my oven off, you have to turn the knob to 375. Turning it to "OFF" makes it very very warm (probably about 375 degrees).

In my bathroom, cold water comes out of the "Hot" faucet and hot water comes out of "Cold."

My neighbor gets his mail in my mailbox, and I get mine from his.

The backyard is full of broken bicycles. That's not backwards or anything but it is really creepy.

But anyways, all those things and the fact that my floor is kind of slanted has led me to believe that my apartment was actually built by Doctor Seuss. It's the ONLY explanation that makes any sense.

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