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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Okay, so we all know I like comic books, etc. I recently got really into them over the summer and I love reading them and talking about them, etc. It was always kind of a closet thing though for a long time, and then this fall I decided, "Fuck it! It's who I am!" and started admitting it publily, because really, there's no need to be ashamed, right? Right?

This weekend, the shame came back.

I went to New York Comic Con.

Now, I did have a lot of fun there. I saw a lot of creators that I admire, including STAN LEE, the guy who created Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, and a whole bunch of other reasons that I didn't get laid in high school. Here's a shitty picture of him:

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And then of course, there were the Dumpy X-Men. The Dumpy X-Men are a little-known offshoot from the 70s. There was this one story in Uncanny X-Men where the X-Men got trapped in the Dumpiverse and...

...never mind, it's not worth it to make up a story. I'll just show the picture of the kids in their dumpy X-Men outfits.

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And of course, there were Star Wars costumes EVERYWHERE:

Image Hosted by

I'm not sure what the purple Boba Fett guy is all about. I actually tried not to include him in the photo but he kept inching in anyways.

There were also all these kids with those cool toy lightsabers that just came out, the ones that are hard plastic and and actually light up and make noise when you hit them together. They were having a choreography contest, which probably would have been the most stomach-churningly nerdy thing EVER to watch, but at the time I was watching the Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics talk about the Hulk. Not nerdy at all.

I think the most shamefully nerdy moment of the whole weekend came when I found myself pushing through a small crowd to get my collection of comics ABOUT TALKING MICE WITH SWORDS signed by the creator. I'm ridiculous.

Also, Gary Coleman was there for no discernible reason.

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