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Sunday, February 04, 2007

What the fuck, Greenpoint?

Greenpoint, what the fuck?!?
Where's the pizza at? The one place I found that would deliver last night was TERRIBLE. I think they actually just put tomato paste on a big cardboard circle and then waited for an hour after I ordered it and then brought it to my house. What the shit?

So now I'm hungry again, but I'm not gonna eat the cardboard TRAVESTY leftovers. Oh no. I think I'll walk down to the place that makes like 100 different kinds of sandwiches. One of them is Tuna and Apples. I don't even know if tuna and apples have ever met before but I might try that sandwich anyways.

Last night I stayed in due to the drunkenness I accumulated the night before. I watched "Jurassic Park 2" and part 3! They're not THAT great, but, really, any movie with dinosaurs in it is gonna be pretty good. The movie can still be filled with ridiculous bullshit (JP2), but as long as it has dinosaurs, it's still better than most movies. Here are some examples of the movies that "Jurassic Park 2" is better than:

"Citizen Kane"
"Star Wars"
"The Godfather"

Yeah, it's better than all of those, and for the same reason: DINOSAURS.

This blog just reached a new level of retardery. Time for an Apple-Tuna Surprise-wich (I wish that's what they were actually called).

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