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Thursday, February 22, 2007

What I've been up to today

- Spending almost as much time considering picking up a real book as I have reading comics. I think it may be time to start reading books without picture of guys in capes in them again. Maybe.

- Searching Ebay for things like "Star Wars Diaphragm" and "weird pants." Both searches proved to be fruitless.

- Writing what may be my favorite Whitest Kids sketch ever today at Trevor's house. I think we may have outdone ourselves in dumbness. I'm really excited. Anyone who misses this week's show (Sunday, Pianos, 8, free) is a goddamn fool. Fuck the Oscars.

- Eating food from Acapulco Deli. This is a great little place in Greenpoint that serves pretty delicious Mexican and American food at a very delicious price. I'm pretty sure that Trevor (who lives three blocks away from me) and I keep their delivery service in business by ourselves. Yesterday I discovered that the restaurant is literally two blocks away from me, but I still order delivery anyways because those guys look so adorable on their bikes (hence the gut)!

- Wanting to smoke really bad but not smoking. It's been a week. I wish I had something funny to say about this but it's hard to write without smoking (maybe I should have thought this "quitting" thing through more).

- Trying to figure out what exactly my cat is looking at.

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