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Monday, March 26, 2007

Appreciating the Super-Powered

I was just laying in bed a moment ago and looking out the window when I realized something: the walls of New York City apartment buildings are pretty thick! That made me feel pretty bad for Spider-Man! He's always getting thrown through them! When you see him go through one, it looks pretty painless and the wall crumbles pretty easily, but it probably actually hurts a lot; those things are at least a foot or two deep! I understand what you're going through a little better now, Spider-Man.

I've also been appreciating Catwoman more this week because I've had two cats at my house the last few days and they're driving me CRAZY! They're always fighting and drinking water! She had like 800 cats and she still kept her cool! She got along with them great! They licked her wounds for her and then she made a sexy cat-shaped leather costume in tribute to them!

I also appreciate Wolverine, but just because he has those really bad-ass claws. I don't really empathize with him at all or feel that we have anything in common, except for our short stature and the fact that we've both been smooched by Famke Janssen. Actually, I also can heal quickly and don't know my real age, and would totally wear my hair like that if I could, so maybe we could be bros.

Wow, this posting was stupid.

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Mom said...

I think it was adorable. Mom