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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Heaven kicks ass

Man, me and Johnny's first "Kingdom of Heaven" show last night was awesome! We had a pretty good-sized audience given that it was the first night of our Wednesday-night comedy show in Queens on a cold winter night. The management was so pleased with the show, they bought everyone in the room a beer afterwards! Awesome! Highlights included:

- The fact that we had 10 people perform and they all were well-received by the audience (half of which was those same 10 people).

- First-time stand-ups Sam Brown and Justin Sevakis were really good. Sam had the best opening joke. I'm totally gonna Dane Cook the shit out of it. Justin also had really funny jokes and had never really performed anything at all anywhere before, so good job! I eventually want the "open mic" portion of the show to ONLY be people who don't perform comedy in any other capacity, so we'll see how that works out...

- I tackled host John F. O'Donnell when he brought me up for my set. After I was done he went on stage and referred to me as "the hipster Gallagher." I can't believe he thinks I'm a hipster.

- In my set I told this story about my grandfather taking me fishing and at the end of it I mentioned that I didn't really have a good ending for it. After I was done, some dude suggested to me that I end the story with my grandfather blowing me. Good idea, dude! I'm sure my DEAD GRANDFATHER would love that joke!

- Three of the five Whitest Kids U' Know can now be considered "stand up comics," so when drugs and women tear the group apart, at least Sam and Trevor and I will be okay.

- Trevor sang a song about pterodactyls. Be still my heart.

- I heard that the bar eventually plans to sandwich our comedy night in between "Arrested Development" screenings before our show and KARAOKE afterwards. Luckily, they already have a couch for me to sleep on.

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