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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ham and Loathing in New Jersey

Something weird happens every time I go to New Jersey. Past experiences have involved ferrets, whip cream, bongos and cigars (all from separate outings). This time, it involved ham.

Jersey apparently has its own indigenous type of ham called Taylor Ham. I had never heard of this celebrated pork product (or of the concept of a state having an indigenous ham) until I got into John F. O'Donnell's car today to head over to Jersey to do a show we were both booked at. Vince Averill came with us, but he wasn't performing. It turned out that Vince was there only to try this supposedly delectable meat for his first time, and that the comedy show was really just a cover for a Ham Road Trip! Apparently Taylor Ham is a point of pride for a lot of Jersians. John even went so far as to say that it's better than bacon!

It's not.

I mean, it was pretty good. I had it in what I was told is the traditional fashion (on a roll with egg and cheese), and it was quite tasty, but it sure as hell doesn't beat bacon! Maybe that's why people in states that aren't called New Jersey have heard of bacon!

The Jersey-ites I was with said that this wasn't the most flavorful Taylor Ham they'd had, so maybe I had a bad batch (my farts certainly smell like I did). Maybe I'll give it another shot some time. At any rate, when doing standup tonight I found out the hard way that you DO NOT diss this meat in New Jersey. It's just not done. Also, there was a dog wandering around during the show, and another dog in a back room somewhere barking during people's sets. I think I was the only comedian it never barked at. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

Yeah, I'll give Taylor Ham another shot some time.

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