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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So as you may know, the Whitest Kids U' Know's TV show premiered on Fuse tonight. Last night we had two parties to celebrate. The first one was at Comix and was pretty corporate, with a lot of the Fuse people and crew from the show in attendance. I was like the only dude there without a collared shirt on. Sam was dressed to the nines. It was nice, we showed the first episode and ate vegetables, etc.

Then we threw an all-out drunkfest at Pianos. We showed a bunch of our stuff, some of it to music (it didn't sync up but I really wanted it to), and then I went upstairs at karaoke and stripped to my underpants while singing "Simply Irresistible," and people shoved dollars in my pants. When I got home at like 4 A.M. and went to the bathroom, money fell into the toilet. I at first thought that I had somehow attained some kind of amazing new power, but right when I was starting to jot down ideas for my "Money-Pee-er" costume, I remembered what had happened.

Then tonight we all went to Sam's to watch the show and we drank a bottle of Dom Perignon that I had sitting in my fridge forever. Even though I've seen the sketches hundreds of times it was still cool seeing it actually on TV with commercials and everything. They even ran commercials for the Ninja Turtles movie during it, which for me was a great personal victory (I've always wanted my life to somehow intersect with Master Splinter's, and now that goal has been accomplished). Then they ran the second episode, which was also cool to see as it contained several of my favorite things in the whole series.

After that, we turned to the Carson Daly show to see our friends VietNam play an awesome song from their awesome album. Ivan from the band has been close friends with the Whitest Kids forever, and I remember he and I having a conversation years ago about us "taking over this city," so it was cool that we had our TV debuts on the same night.

I am soooo tired and don't know what else to write. It still hasn't really sunk in that I just appeared on TV for an hour and that six years of hard work and poverty and 40s have finally paid off, so I'm just gonna go to bed and see if it sinks in tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for your support and friendship and general awesomeness! You all get rides in my helicopter (I'm gonna buy one in 2009)!

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