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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Are hangovers worse here?

Okay so my last posting was a little acidic and mean and pretentious and I apologize. Gin makes a man mean. Even though I was drinking Coors Light. Whatever.

So my main buddy here in SD is Amber. Last night I went to a small town called Hayti, South Dakota to watch her and our friend Heather and some other people bowl. It was like a league game, and all of the other teams consisted of little old ladies. There's not much better than drinking a beer, eating some pizza (which was mysteriously really good) and watching little old ladies hobble up to the alley to "Sexy Back" and then throw a strike and go crazy. It was the best thing ever. I'll still be here for next week's game, and I hope to have the fan page up for Amber's team by then. They're called "Castlewood Farmer's Elevator," after their sponsor, but I think I'm gonna jazz it up and name them either "Pink Fire" or "The Fuck Offs." I think the little old ladies would dig the last one.

Also, there's a sign when entering Hayti that reads "375 friendly people live here!" It didn't say anywhere how many assholes lived there. I would feel sorry for them that they're not represented on the sign if they weren't such assholes.

But anyways, Hayti. Yeah. Thumbs up.

I also had an awkward run-in with a dude that I graduated high school with. We never really talked much in school; it's not that we were enemies or did anything bad to eachother, we just didn't really hang. Then last night I'm at this bar with a bunch of people and he's talking to another friend of mine, then comes over to where I'm sitting. I looked at him and said "Hey what's up" kind of quick-like because I was mid-conversation, and then he just grabbed the chair next to me and walked away. It was weird.

Holy shit that last paragraph was the most boring fucking thing I've ever written and I'm sorry I made you read that.

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