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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fragments of the last 24 hours

So last night the Whitest Kids played a show at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass. Longtime readers* may remember that we went there on tour with Flogging Molly and ended up playing our own set after the rock concert, and the kids there liked it so much that they asked us back for a festival they were throwing. I was going to write a bunch of stuff about it, but just as I sat down, my mind was suddenly wiped because I sat through that crazy John Travolta Scientology-based movie "Battlefield Earth" in its entirety. It was so ridiculously boring that now I barely remember what happened to me in the last day. I do have a few recollections though, so here are the pieces I can remember:

-Playing our "Hitler Rap" music video to a primarily Jewish audience**.

-Winning back the audience's favor with a video about shit. Not everyone can laugh at genocide, but everyone laughs at poop.

-Going to a sweet party afterwards. It was your typical college party, with lots of booze, hot girls, their drunk boyfriends, amazing cheese and vegetable spread?

-Watching Trevor bash open a bottle of wine on a brick wall and then drink it. He's totally leading the "Awesomest Whitest Kid" race right now.

-Sleeping in the warmest room I've even been in. It was at a kind of "faculty hotel" on campus that was normally reserved for rabbis, but somehow they decided to make a special exception for a bunch of drunk jerks. Anyways, it was so warm in there I had to sleep on the floor near the door so I could be cooled by the draft. I have a very ham-like quality about me and I was worried that I would be baked.

-Making ridiculous mix CDs with Trevor on the way home, containing hits like "Flagpole Sitta" and the "Benny Hill" theme.

Well that's all I can remember right now. Maybe more will come back after I watch an actual good movie.

*Yeah, right.
**We only played it because the festival organizers asked us to. We wouldn't just show a Hitler video at a Jewish school. We're not that stupid. I don't think.

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