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Friday, December 08, 2006

I had a pretty nerdy day the other day

On Tuesday I went to a movie by myself. It was "The Fountain," and yes it was extremely confusing. I liked it though. Then I went home and played video games about comics, and then next day was New Comic Book Day, so I went and bought a bunch of nerd shit and then I had to go pick up cables for my Nintendo Wii. As I was leaving I scoped out this place near Grand Street in Chinatown, this store that said "COMICS" above it in huge white letters. I thought maybe it was a new comic shop so I walked by. All I saw was a white room with a small man sitting at a desk.

So yeah, if anyone out there is looking for the center of the Matrix, it's near the Grand Street "D" train station in Manhattan.

That night I was watching "Clerks 2," a movie about nerds, and Sam calls me and tells me to report immediately to Williamsburg for a "Guitar Hero 2" tournament. I was eliminated first round even though I've beaten the song perfectly before. I blame it partially on nerves but mostly on the shitty wireless controller they had. I then had a 10-minute conversation about shitty wireless controllers. When I went home I didn't masturbate because let's face it, my night was nerdy enough.

So every single sentence I just wrote there was nerdy, except for this one, Batman.


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