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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Can you make bombs out of deodorant?

I only ask because on my way to Rififi tonight I stopped into a store to buy some things that I thought I had quit (no, not porn, I would never quit that shit) and some dude there was buying one of each available brand of deodorant. Like 8 bars of it. Even as a smelly fat guy, I only ever have to buy one thing of deodorant at a time, so I had no idea what this guy was up to. I immediately ruled out "art" since I don't really believe in it, and he didn't seem like he was collecting deodorant, which I do believe in, so there was only one option left: terror. It seems to me that deodorant is one of those things that you can turn into an explosive, but maybe that's just because I watch "Fight Club" too much.
On the way home my cabbie was playing a lot of Sugar Ray music. I will never sing a karaoke song NOT by Sugar Ray again.

I hope to God you all understand that I was kidding about that Sugar Ray thing. I would never let Mark McGrath come between me and my friends.

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Keith said...

Mark McGrath...will his star ever stop rising?