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Thursday, December 14, 2006


I still don't have my computer and internet set up, so these bloggings that approximately 22-37 of you love to read will be rather sparse for a bit. I've been too busy to get it all arranged. Yesterday was all about our Whitest Kids show, and this morning I had to stand on a stage and act drunk with a mouth full of fake vomit while Shandi danced around in a "Sexy Santa" suit. I know that sounds like some kind of crazy fever dream but it was real. Trust me.

Word to the wise: The last thing you should do after holding a bunch of fake vomit (made from hummus and salsa) in your mouth is eat Chinese food. My stomach is being a fucking asshole right now.

P.S. I leave town for NINE DAYS AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY on Tuesday. I'm doing this by choice. It should be action-packed, which means I'll probably post like 89070987 times over the holidays.

P.P.S. I posted a MySpace blog the other day, but the internet cafe's machines wouldn't let me post it here for some reason, so you're totally missing out. I think it was me bitching about dropping a couch on my foot.

Yeah, you're totally missing out.

I can still taste the fake barf.

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