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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CSI: Murder School

So the other day, CNN's website put up this story in which actual Crime Scene Investigators (also known as "the police") accuse the show "CSI" of educating potential killers on how best to dispose of evidence. I've never seen the show, but apparently it's about people who investigate crime. They often catch killers by finding pieces of hair, cigarette butts and the like. Actual investigators claim the show has taught real-life killers how to better cover their trail with its realistic depictions of how criminals are actually caught.

And who says television isn't educational?

I'm sure someone has already made that joke, but my point is this: are the real-life police afraid of a challenge? Haven't they ever heard the phrases "step up your game," "just do it," or "what the fuck are you doing watching television while there's people out there being murdered" before?

So the murderers have gotten smarter, they've learned new methods and they've taken advantage of new technologies. Maybe it's time that you good guys did too. Maybe if you had put forth an effort like the murderers have, you would already have those sweet video watches like Dick Tracy, or would be able to smell the killer from miles away like Wolverine from the "X-Men," or perhaps you could even have that wooden-ball-murder-predictor like in "Minority Report."

C'mon, detectives, you have to pursue your goals, don't just wait for them to come to you. Especially that goal might have an axe. Or a shotgun. Or like a really big heavy stick.

This reminds me of that court case a year or two ago where people were accusing McDonald's of getting them fat. When are we gonna stop blaming popular culture and start blaming the assholes behind the culture? Like MTV?

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