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Thursday, February 02, 2006


So after I found the Steven Seagal impersonator (see below), I looked at the rest of It's pretty amazing, but look at this:

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"This talented Darth Vader lookalike is excellent for corporate & private events, company picnics, trade shows, clubs, fundraisers, & advertising promotions. In addition, you can provide your guests with photos taken with "Darth Vader" as souvenirs. This accomplished impersonator not only looks like Darth Vadar, he has captured the performer's voice and mannerisms as well."

Wow, that guy looks just like Darth Vader! How talented that impersonator must be to have PUT ON A FUCKING COSTUME!!!

Unless, of course, that's actually someone's hideously disfigured physical form put to good use, then that would actually be pretty cool.

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