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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Real Names Part 1

So, I am in a sketch comedy group, which I consider my real job ("real" meaning that it's the job that I actually like), but it doesn't exactly pay the bills ("exactly" meaning we don't get paid), so I have another job to make money.

What I do is, I supervise a small group of people that make phone calls. No, we don't sell anything. We are hired by different mutual funds (also known as "Evil People") to contact their shareholders and remind them to vote. It's easy and extremely, extrememly dull.

But since we talk to so many people, we find a lot of amazing names. Here are some of my favorites. These are actual spellings and have not been tampered with.

Sean Tampon
Anice Butt
Harry Bahls
Harry Dick
Harry and Sandy Teets
Harry Kuntz
Dick Sukoff
Delight Johnson
Rod Hard
Richard Dick
Tony Bigot
Frederick Krueger
Joe Bizarro
Dean Sloppy
Hawk Storm (God I wish that was my name)

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