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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fear and Rapping in Farmville

Howdy Y'all! First of all, I made a mistake in an earlier post that was kindly pointed out to me by Mr. Goldteeth. I should be sending you all postcards, not the other way around! So sorry! God, I feel like such a jerk!

Don't expect anything though.

So in Farmville last night, we played this "Oktoberfest" thing at Longwood University (haha "Longwood"). They had music all day. In the afternoon they had this country dude playing, and he did a cover of "Beverly Hills" by Weezer. It was about as amazing as you'd think. But when he finished, the lights dimmed, the crowd stared around, confused...

and Youngbloodz took the stage.

Anyone else remember these guys? I think they were famous one summer. Anyways, they tore it up hip-hop style for waaaaay too long. It put the concert behind by about half an hour, and when the sound dudes cut off the music, they kept rapping anyways. It was kind of sad. They also told the audience "if you're here for rock or country, you in the wroooong place."

Wrong, Youngbloodz. YOU in the wrong place. Every other act that day was rock and country, so really, you guys were the anomaly. Now, I actually kind of enjoyed your set, even though you're kind of dicks, but why were you at Longwood University anyways?

Also, every one of their songs include the poetic lyrics "we don't give a damn and we don't give a fuck." Every song. And you know why? Because they just don't.

Later that night, Adam, this merch dude riding on our bus, was accosted at a bar. And by "accosted" I mean that some dude rubbed his naked ass on him while he was peeing. He was apparently trying to do it to his friend, but must have made a last-minute judgment call and decided that Adam was the better target. I think that's a good trick. I'll probably do that some time, so watch out fellas.

Well now we're in Philly for two days. My aunt's taking me out to lunch today. That's pretty much it.

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