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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

From New York to...a different part of New York.

I haven't written in a few days so let's sum things up rather quickly. So I had a 3-day break in NYC last week and had a lot of fun, got some silly pictures taken, hung out with several members of the karaoke family, and tried Ethiopian food (you fill up on dip!).
Then we went to Baltimore on Sunday. We were in this real touristy area with like NOTHING open. I ended up having to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and Chipotle for dinner. They had an aquarium though. With sea turtles, which I think is my new favorite animal (one of them only had three flippers though).

Then came Monday, the worst day of the tour by far. We were back in NYC playing at Webster Hall, which is a DUMP. A big greasy DUMP. The kind you have to take after eating nothing but Cheerios and coffee. It's gross. And everyone in the staff was mean except this one dude who had previously written a nice article about us. One of the guys knocked over Zox's merch table because he said it was near a fire door or something. What a queef. And then the show started and the audience was sparse and basically asleep. They kind of laughed at our videos but weren't really that into it. Come on New York! We live here! Shit!

So after the show I wasn't in that great of a mood, so I went to Pianos for some good old karaoke medicine. I sang "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers and was not pleased at all with my rendition, AND THEN, to top off the evening, I got a "let's just be friends" speech from yet another Hot Girl That I Failed Miserably With. Now, this particular Hot Girl and I will definitely continue to be very good friends, and I'm already pretty much over it (at least I will be after I write this), so it's fine. But I now have like 5 or 6 female friends, and good friends at that, who are all Hot Girls that I tried to date at one time or another. Now, I do love all of them as friends and am probably better off having these ladies as friends than anything else, but it is frustrating to be amassing this collection. It does look really cool when I'm hanging out at a bar with like 3 or 4 of them though. Maybe I should train them all to fight crime and it'll be like "Charlie's Angels."

So anyways, I'm over it now, but yesterday (Tuesday) I was pretty bummed out. Everything from the previous day had left me pretty down in the dumps, and now we were in Waltham, Massachusetts at Brandeis University. The concert seemed to have been put on by a gang of giggling nineteen-year-old girls, but it went pretty smoothly. I was still kind of depressed though. I needed some major cheering up.

Then all of a sudden we booked this after-concert Whitest Kids show at a coffee shop nearby and it was AMAZING. It was the most fun and gratifying time I've had at a show in ages. It was a great environment and the kids were really into it. Brandeis is a Jewish campus, and even when I blamed the existence of AIDS on Jews in our last sketch, they laughed harder than anyone ever has at that joke (I don't really believe that, by the way), and then afterwards we actually sold some CDs and t-shirts! Hosting this Flogging Molly show is pretty fun, but when the kids are actually there to see you, and you get to do a whole show of your own stuff and it goes well, it's awesome. And they gave me a free milkshake.

So yeah I was pretty cheered up then. It had been a pretty excellent day. And then I get to the bus and Sam's mom had brought tons and tons of food. TONS. Cakes, cookies, candy, giant sandwiches, hummus, stuff to eat hummus with, and a little toy cat that poops jelly beans. It was amazing. I'm not gonna have to eat at a Hard Rock for at least three days.

So yeah now I'm in Rochester, pretty cheered up, and eagerly awaiting the next disaster!

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