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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm back! And drunk!

Well, the tour's over. To celebrate, I poured ketchup all over my Superman costume, put it on, and sang some metal songs.

It was awesome though cuz I saw pretty much all my karaoke buddies, and since the party started two hours earlier than it normally does, when I left I ended up being two hours drunker than I normally am. That's actually not that cool because I really wanted to take a month off from drinking when I got back from tour.

I'll just start doing that tomorrow, along with quitting smoking. And eating healthy. And going to the gym. And not being a freak.

Guitar Hero 2 comes out next week. Call me some time in the next seven days if you wanna hang out, because after that, it's over.

I'll write tomorrow. I promise.

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