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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Holy Shit, It's Still Virginia

Now we're in Farmville, Virginia and it's pouring. It's been raining pretty much everywhere we go. Jesus or Mother Nature or Skynet or whomever it is that controls the weather must not like poop jokes and Irish drinking songs very much.

So, when I began this tour, I wrote a thing saying I was never gonna get online and couldn't post blogs, etc. Obviously that was a lie, as I have found the internet pretty much every day, so I do apologize. Today though, I had to go looking for it. Fifteen minutes through the torrential downpour, just so I can approve "Zakk Attak" as a friend. And the coffee shop where the internet lives here in Farmville is staffed by people who sing loudly about the power of Christ when not assisting customers. It's pleasant at first, but it gets weird when they bring out the poisonous snakes.

Is that reference even relevant anymore? Do people still do that?

Anyways, time to go back to the bus, which Trevor and Sam and I nicknamed "Serenity" (after the TV spaceship), but everyone else just calls "the bus."

Onward, Christian Soldiers.

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