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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Missouri (From October 23)'s been a little while since I communicated on here. Wanna know why? Guess. I'll give you a hint: it really really really sucks.

My laptop got stolen. Oh yeah. Last Wednesday. Rochester, NY. it was taken out of the venue we were playing at while I was helping pack up our merch. In the last two months, I've had my iPod and laptop ripped off. Y'know, if I were to find out that all of these people stealing my technology were doing it to advance some "Fight Club"-esque, "reduce the world to hunters and gatherers" type of agenda, I'd be fine, because that sounds great, but somehow, I don't think that's their gig.

So yeah, that really sucked, so much that it took my mind off the other thing that sucked last week, which was when I got the "let's be friends" speech from my latest romantic pursuit. I'm actually totally cool with that now, and we're still good friends, but now that I'm done trying to charm or impress anyone for a little while, I can write the next paragraph without worrying what ill effects it may have on my romantic life.

I read comic books. A LOT. It was something I was really into in high school, and I just started doing it again a few months ago. X-Men, Superman, Batman, all that shit. Except Spider-Man. Fuck that guy. but anyways, throughout this tour I've been stopping at comic book shops all over this country, and I have found that the ones in California and the West suck ass compared to those in the Midwest and East. I don't know why. Maybe it's because the West doesn't like imagination as much (it is where reality TV came from after all [apologies to any friend(s) that may have benefitted from reality television]). But yeah, the best stores I've found were in Philly, New Haven, Urbana (Illinois), and in my very own Brooklyn (9th St and 5th Ave, yo).

But enough about my nerdliness. Let's talk about food. Here on the bus, Nicole our bus manager and I have what we call the Fat Kids Club. We eat gross food together. We were in Chicago last week on our day off and basically had the Fat Kids Jubilee. We ate ribs at some place where Sinatra used to hang out, then had ice cream, and then it was on to the Wiener's Circle.

The Wiener's Circle is this amazing hot dog stand where you order your food while being berated by two pregnant angry black women. They cuss people out left and right. It's amazing. The best thing I've heard all tour was when one of the women told some drunk dude "SUCK THE FART OUT MY MUTHAFUCKIN' ASS!!"

It was amazing.

Writing that paragraph made me wanna go crawl into bed and hide from them though, so au revoir for now.

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