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Thursday, October 05, 2006

ICP Motherfuckers!

(This is from yesterday)
What up bitches! We're in Lawrence, Kansas, and guess what other band is playing here tonight? That's right, motherfuckers! INSANE MUTHAFUCKIN' CLOWN MUTHAFUCKIN' POSSE!!! There's kids everywhere in white and black makeup. Flogging Molly's fans have been pretty crazy so far, but ICP's fans? Sheeeeeeyit. Any kid willing to put on baggy raver pants, paint their faces like a "tough clown" (a bit of an oxymoron), and listen to the worst rap music ever made earns my respect.
Tomorrow we have a day off in Lexington, Kentucky (finally). The plan is to shoot guns, ride horses, and drink bourbon. Simultaneously.

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Anonymous said...

HOly Crap! Don will be SOOOOOO jealous you saw ICP! Next time get an autographed clown shoe or something and send it back to your old 'hood. Ha! : ) From your crazy aunt --- you know which one.