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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Holy Shit, It's Virginia (from late last night)

I was hung over all day here in Norfolk, Virginia, and what do I do? I go and get drunk with Flogging Molly AGAIN. I was never that familiar with their music, but damn if those bastards can drink! Gee whiz. Anyways, I'm in a very trashed place right now and missing all my NYC peeps quite a bit (I miss y'all when I'm sober too, by the way). Send me a postcard, fuckers! We'll be in Philly in a few days, and after the big concert on Sunday we're gonna do a Whitest Kids show in some kid's basement. I'm pretty pumped for that. Doing these big rock shows and getting our name out there and selling T-shirts is really fun, but doing a full-on "Whitest Kids" show in a town we've never played before is something I'm really looking forward to. Tonight our tour manager Nicole needed some cheese, so I went to Flogging Molly's dressing room and stole some. Don't tell anybody. Well, I should probably go to bed soon, so I bid ye adieu, although I don't know how much sleep I'll get since Sam and Nicole are playing Guitar Hero right now. Uff Da (pronounced "Oof Duh").

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